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We understand that not one band is the same. What works for one may not work for another. That’s what we have experienced when we have been on tour. 

That’s why we have made plans that fit for you. wether you are a just starting out, need a little help or want the full traditntal booking experience we have it all!

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Artist managers agree you aren’t ready for an agent if you don’t already have a comprehensive performance history. Because of this, booking a ton of shows for yourself is the first step in drawing attention from professional agencies. However, booking yourself is difficult because many venues claim they don’t read emails they receive from artists—they simply move them to their trash.

Venues do, however, read emails they receive from booking agencies. The email you made when you were 13 isn’t cool to send when conducting business for your band. Emails from a free service like gmail are a huge red flag, and are usually sent to the trash without being read. Venues want to see emails from a booking agency in order for them to be opened, read, and taken seriously.

This is why we offer email addresses at our agency for artists to use when reaching out to venues. You can rent a custom email from our company domain (yourband@montanebooking.com), in order to increase the likelihood that your emails are opened and read.

“When you consider the fact that reputable, small-to-midsize venues receive hundreds of emails every week from bands just like you, you begin to realize how difficult of a job these talent buyers have. How do they decide which bands to book and which ones to ignore? ... venues in your hometown and around the country aren’t great places to start if you’re still an unproven artist.”

(McGuire 2020)

This is spot on. Many aren’t getting performances because venues don’t take unproven artists seriously. The good news, however, is that reaching out from an email address at an agency domain increases your credibility in the eyes of the venue, which results in more of your emails getting read; and when more of your emails get read, the more you get booked.

The biggest difference between Montane Booking and other agencies is that we don’t take a commission on each performance that we book for the artist. We do this for a number of reasons. The first reason being that by receiving payment through a recurring monthly payment, it means that we can accept smaller artists on our roster and put in the same amount of work for them as we do for our larger artists. By neutralizing the "priority" of artists that bring the agency a bigger cut of their pay, we have put every artist on a level playing field. This ensures that our original vision is protected, and with that, we ensure that attention grows for every artist on
our roster, no matter their credential, their popularity, or the size of their fan base. What this also accomplishes for the artist is that it no longer matters how many shows they play, they don’t pay more for more performances.

Let’s average the two extreme ends of the industry-standard commissions paid to booking agents, and meet in the middle at 16%. If an artist is paid $1,000.00 for every performance, and their agent gives them the choice of playing three shows or five shows on any given month, then the artist would need to decide if they wanted to pay the agent $480.00 or $800.00 for the same month of work. If this same artist utilized Montane Booking’s unique fundamentals to secure the same three shows or five, then their choice now turns into deciding between paying their agent $199.99 for three shows or $199.99 for five. Skylight Booking has saved artists more money, while providing the same results, than any other agency in the world.

At Montane Booking, the premier booking agency for musical artists in the industry. We offer a traditional booking experience that is designed to help our clients achieve their goals and reach new audiences.


At Montane Booking, we understand that booking the right shows can make all the difference in an artist's career. That's why we work tirelessly to connect our clients with the best venues, festivals, and events across the country. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep knowledge of the music industry and a passion for helping artists succeed.


We pride ourselves on providing personalized service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether you're a rising star looking to book your first tour or an established artist seeking to expand your reach, Montane Booking is here to help.

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a strong network of industry professionals, promoters, and venues. We use this network to create opportunities for our clients, securing them the best possible gigs and maximizing their exposure.


At Montane Booking, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your career to the next level.

Meet the team behind the scenes.

We've lived on the road, barely making enough money to fill up the gas tank for the next show. But our love for music keeps us going. We don't want to see talented artists fade into obscurity just because they don't have the resources to get noticed. That's why at Montane Booking, we're dedicated to helping artists connect with venues and talent buyers across the US. Our goal is simple: to shine a light on your music and help you reach new heights.

Ben S.

Founder & CEO

I’m Ben Sheffield, and I hate writing these introductions about myself. It’s been suggested I do this for a few years now, however, and this is me relenting. Thank you for reading, I promise I’ll try to not make this boring.

I’ve booked hundreds upon hundreds of shows over more than 13 years, for my own touring bands, for friends, for independent bands, and for professional touring bands. My independent band A Call for Kylie played over 70 shows in our first year—several of which were completely sold-out shows at 1,000+ person capacity venues—and playing with acts such as Abandon Kansas (Gotee Records), Showbread (Tooth & Nail Records), John Hembree (formerly from Paramore), Emery (Tooth & Nail Records), Copeland (Tooth & Nail Records), Sent By Ravens (Tooth & Nail Records), and Wolves at the Gate (Solid State Records). (I’ve been told I’m good at booking.) We toured over the south-east United States, and received a record deal offer from Victory Records, before we eventually moved on to other things.

In November 2012, my band Worth Road was formed and we began writing and recording our album “Ghosts We Knew” before we even had a fan base. Our very first show was a sold out show on April 2, 2013, opening for Grammy-nominated Hawk Nelson (Tooth & Nail Records) at Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Worth Road played over 200 shows in 2 years, sharing the stage with Hawk Nelson (Tooth & Nail Records), Grammy-nominated Rhett Walker (Essential Records), Bellarive (Sparrow Records), Shawn McDonald (Sparrow Records), John Mark McMillan (Lionhawk Records), Austin Adamec (Reunion Records), Sumerlin (Dream Records), Brinson (GodChaserz Entertainment), and Grammy-nominated Flame (Cross Movement Records). (I’ve been told I’m good at booking.) During this time, I had been recognized and was hired as the session guitarist for the TV show “Do I Have a Hit Song,” where I met Tommy Heath of Tommy Tutone and made an impact on Mark Liggett, who managed Tommy Tutone, Saving Jane, George Michael, Queen, Billy Idol, The Bee Gees, Alex LaCasse, Public Enemy, and New Kids On the Block, among many others. 

Worth Road’s extensive self-booked touring caught the eyes of Alert Entertainment © and Legend Entertainment ©, where I was offered the job of Executive Booking Agent for artists including Tommy Tutone [known for the song “Jenny (867-5309)”] and Blessid Union of Souls [known for their songs “Hey Leonardo,” “It’s Alright” (from Ace Ventura 2), “I Wanna Be There,” and “Brother My Brother,” (from Pokémon: The First Movie)]. The shows which I booked for Blessid Union of Souls were so successful, that I was able to negotiate a considerable increase in their per-performance compensation from $4,000 (which it was when I began booking for them) to over $10,000 in only 5 months under my booking leadership. (I’ve been told I’m good at booking.) I worked as Tommy Tutone’s and Blessid Union of Souls’ booking agent for 3 years, before leaving to start my own agency, called Skylight Booking (renamed to Montane Booking post Covid) in 2017.

Skylight Booking (Montane Booking) had over 400 artists join our agency in our first 6 months, and received several dozen job applications in our first weekend of submission acceptance, from people who loved what we did, loved our artist-first mantra, and loved our community of individuals. Skylight Booking (Montane Booking) was recognized in 2017 as working with more venues than any other agency in the world. It turns out, touring extensively for 6 years and working as the exclusive booking agent for dozens of artists over 8 years is a great way to form relationships with several thousand venues, which we still maintain to this day. We were recognized as the first-place “winner” for having established relationships with over 48,000 venues, while the “second-place” agency had a relationship with only 1,300. As of 2023, we have relationships with over 55,000 venues. Competition can be many things—difficult, grueling, fun, and exciting—but I’m proud of our competitive nature which ensured our win by a factor of over 36 times the second-place runner-up in this regard. There are very few things more important to a booking agency’s success than its venue relationships, and ours are literally the best in the world. (I’ve been told… you get it.) 

Skylight Booking (Montane Booking) then won LUX Life’s Global Hospitality award for Best Arts & Entertainment Talent Agency in Florida in 2019. We were recognized for our innovation in the Arts & Entertainment industry, and for pioneering the way for independent artists to be taken as seriously as label-supported artists. So many companies claim to do this, but fail to actually deliver. Not us. We take pride in our vision, our efforts, and our success for our artists. I’m an artist myself. I love the craft of creating music and I love the craft of performing music. It is my deep passion to open up the potential and possibility of creativity and performance for every artist who believes in their art. I love the Montane Booking family, and it gets even better the more it expands. Join the family today, or whenever you’re ready. We’re ready for you. (Our history proves we’re ready for you.)?

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