Basic Plan Details


In this plan:

    1. You’ll provide us with details about your band during the sign-up process.
    2. You’ll then receive a custom email address at our agency domain ( by the following business day after signing up.
    3. Once you receive this login info, you’ll add your new email to your phone or other device by following the instructions in our confirmation email. This lets you contact venues from anywhere!
    4. We use this email and the details about your band to contact 25 venues on your behalf each month that your account is active. We have existing relationships with these venues, so we make first contact with 25 talent buyers who are looking for bands to play shows, and we’ll pitch your band to play at their venue. This greatly increases their comfort in potentially booking your band. (Some studies and interviews with various talent buyers have shown that this increases their possibility of booking artists by over 93%!)
    5. Once you’ve set up your new email address, you’ll monitor your inbox for any incoming emails that we get as a response to the requests that we sent out on your behalf. Be sure to check your inbox often!
    6. If you see a response from a venue, you’ll respond to them and finish the process of communicating your desires and needs for your show. Be sure to respond as soon as possible! Any emails that you don’t respond to will result in forfeiture of your show and the availability may be given to someone else!

This plan is nice because we handle the difficult part of making first contact with 25 venues each month, and leave the control in your hands to continue communication with them from that point forward!