Verified Plan details


In this plan:

    1. You’ll provide us with details about your band, such as your EPK, one-sheet, audience numbers, performance compensation numbers, and performance receipts, during the application process.
    2. We’ll then review your submission and respond to you within 1 week.
    3. We’ll schedule a phone call or a meeting with you, depending on our evaluation.
    4. We’ll discuss our booking contract with you along with your desires and needs for this contract. The duration of this negotiation period varies depending on contract revisions.
    5. Once we’ve all settled on a mutually-beneficial contract that is acceptable to both parties, we’ll send you the final contract to be virtually signed by you.
    6. Once your signed contract is received by us, we’ll begin the process of booking you for your next tour!
    7. Your assigned booking agent will communicate any important information or updates with you or your manager along the way, ensuring that everyone and their expectations are congruent.

This plan is nice because we handle every step of the booking process from start to finish!